Eid preparations

Few things bring the feeling of a traditional Eid such as desi sweets. I´m not a big fan though, but shoji halwa is something I have to have every Eid! Just enough to eat myself sick, here is the recipe i follow, you will need: halwa ingredients1- Saffron dissolved in milk (optional),
2- Semolina, 2 cups,
3-Melted Butter, 1 cup,
4-A few cardamom seeds,
5-Chopped nuts of desire and raisins,
6-Sugar 2 cups,
8-Milk (optional).

I’ll say this will serve 10-15 (big family, yeah). Remember to reduce according to own proportions! Do so:

making halwa1-Heat the butter,
2-add nuts and raisins of choice and sauté for a few minutes on medium heat (3),
4/5-Now add semolina and fry the mixture on low heat until you get a nice golden color (see bottom-right image).

6-When you achieve that nutty, golden color, add sugar and mix well.
7-Then, add water, for 2 cups of semolina you’ll need app. 5 cups of water .
8-Continue stirring on low heat.
9-This is the time to add saffron if you choose to. If not, then
10- continue cooking your halwa a few more minutes till desired consistency… You will smell it when its ready! Enjoy, and Eid mubarik ❤

halwa finished_Fotor


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