Delight of Maghrib

Any country near equator would have done the magic for us, trying go get as far from the Norwegian weather as possible, and to a part of the world where you can actually feel the heat from the sun. The look, feel and even the smell (!) reminded us of our Pakistani descent when we first set foot in Tunisia. With a toddler and my more than average picky, germ-phobic hubby, the need-all-facilites-bar is profoundly raised, so we chose the Ruselior, in Hammameth for our stay:

tunis ruselior

The Ruselior and property

1./3./8. – Garden of the hotel. The hotel was built around a huge garden, with many connected swimming pools in the centre. Lots of shade and sun beds, although it seemed busy but did not feel crowded.

2. – The hotel entrance at night.
4. – Interior view, bathroom.
5. – View from our balcony in to the garden. We had a standard room.
6./7. – A Tunisian wedding hosted by the hotel. They kept on for hours into the night!
9. – The hotel beach, a lot less crowded than the other hotel beaches.


1 – Walk towards the beach
2- Camel ride
3- On our way to Nabeoul; as it was friday market, it was very busy and crowded. Here, you can get all the souvenirs you desire. Compared to the rest of hammameth (or maybe even the other days) it was quite pricey too.
4/5/7/8/9- These pics are from the marina at hammameth yasmine, where we spent most time. There are several restaurants/cafes, and some shops. Plenty of opportunities to get shade and a snack.
6- For serious shoppers, the Costa Mall is recommended, I got myself a real kaftan this time, or some version of it at least.

Dinner at the hotel

Dinner at the hotel

selection of food at the hotel Ruselior

Selection of foods at the hotel Ruselior

To us, the food was no culinary experience. Most restaurants in the area had the same selection of assorted Italian pizzas, pasta and plus an occasional steak or fish dish. What they called fresh fruit juices were really pureed fruit, but it was refreshing. We wanted to experience real Tunisian food, but in our area it was only our hotel that could offer us something close to that. If you are not fluent in French or Arabic, be prepared for minor misunderstandings between you and the locals which may result in some dissatisfaction.


Enjoying the mediterranean sea

Enjoying the mediterranean sea

Pirate boat ride

Pirate boat ride

If you are of the particularly brave and keen on a close mingling option with other tourists (and their kids), I recommend a pirate boat ride. Tickets are bought at the shore or by the boats. A two/three hour ride into the sea and back. Light lunch and a pirate show served on board!



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