Next voyage inspo

Yeee, the thing next to going on a new exciting trip, is knowing the fact that you soon are going on one. Or maybe not so soon… The planning-phase!

At this time of the year, I usually brace myself to embark on a long, dark winter of almost 9 months! Now that I have a trip to look forward to, this reality is less cruel. The next destination is a special one, we’ve been trying to hit it like, since day one of our marriage. Dubai.

It seems like everyone I know of, has been there at least once, even more. Family members, friends, every single one! Facebook is flooding with pictures of adventurers posing form different attractions that look like something really out of this world. Upon return, visitors can’t seem to praise it enough. You just can’t get disappointed, now way! All you want, all you can dream of, all you can’t dream of, you name it, Dubai has it. On pictures, it seems more like a land of prodigies than of anything else. Everything obviously designed for you to think so.

Burj Khalifa Dubai, almost a kilometer high

Atlantis Duabi, resort

One of the two man made palm islands


Inside Dubai mall

Then, there is an entire different side of the story with mistreatment of foreign workers, stories evidencing weak legal protection for women, arrests of tourists on the grounds of actions not even considered close to felonies back home, and so on.


Workers in Dubai

Worker sleeping in park

Construction workers, during their lunch break on the top floor of Angsana Tower

Dubai laws

You should dress decently and not take photos of women on the beach

Why would I want to go there? I really asked myself doing this post. Well, first, I most certainly won’t get to understand this any further just sitting on my keyboard googling it. Is it a conservative muslim culture under the sparkly, shiny surface? How does it practically work with strict sharia law enforcement on one side and on the other side, an incomparable holiday paradise offering all kinds of freedom, quite the opposite. I’ve been doing some research, and will do more beforehand. Going to a foreign place, you would want to know most essential about behaving, dressing, how to interact with locals and the no-nos. Several websites come up with checklists, especially aimed for female travelers about the strict laws and how to behave in Dubai. I am not going to post them here. Hope I sparked your interest do to your own, unbiased research.


2 thoughts on “Next voyage inspo

  1. 9 months of winter! I thought we had a long winter in Canada with 6 months. Best of luck planning your Dubai trip – I am looking forward to SE Asia to escape the winter also.


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