When in doubt – customise

I’ve been looking for the perfect console table with my exact measurements and design. Looking around and about for almost two years now, I’ve decided to make it myself. At least, how hard could it be? They’re lots! Someone is making them, but nobody has made one that fits my preferences. It should have a white, slightly rustic look, a worn oak top and maybe some brass details, something like this:



I’ve been looking a lot in interior stores, several DIY-pages online and did my research really well, at least I like to think. There are few step-by-step guides for furniture and especially console tables/small furniture. There are even fewer that are useful, so this was not an easy task. I have the impression that although people don’t mind sharing pictures of their lovely homes and furnitures, they hold on to the procedures and details to themselves. Luckily for you, I won’t be doing that as in my view, good handy work cannot be copied easily (oh no, you say, looking at the blooming fake-bag industry.. well, that’s another story..).

Even tough I look at myself as quite creative and handy, as a full time working mom, I don’t have the time and energy to try and fail at my attempt of making the table. I know in the end I’ll get a satisfying result. I want to minimize the road to this end, a good guide helps me with that. So it will make it easier and less time-consuming for me. Finally, I have found help from this pretty handy-lady here and her lovely interior blog www.lindevegen.no to get a head start. Using her step by step guide, (look at that, I can’t believe it’s man made!)  I have worked out my own sketch with the measurements I want. Soon, the wood you see below, will be replaced with a nice table, just a little bit patience required.. I’ll update as I progress.



One thought on “When in doubt – customise

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