Console table part 1

I’ve been ignoring my blog while working on my project which I described in one of my previous posts, when in doubt... And now I’m trying to post my work before I forget all the details! A console table is a nice way to accesorize your entrance, hallway, to fill up an empty space, or just to make a bit more out of the space you have. I needed all that. Besides, the measurements I was looking for, but never found, were surprisingly different too the look than what I imagined my ideal table would look like. It ended up being a lot narrower and taller, but I love love loove it! I hope you may find my description useful, not sure if this is a good or smart way to do this, but it worked for me. So, I started out with some pieces of wood planks as described in my above mentioned post. Four long ones for the legs, three wider planks for the top, and one really wide for the bottom. This is how I did:


1.- Two and two “leg” pieces were put together by a smaller piece. How long/short you want it to be, depends on your preferences. I used app 90 cm long legs, attached with a 12,2 cm piece. I will get back to why this exact number, later.
2.- I also used cornices as decor on the pieces used to attach the legs together.
3.- All legs joined.
4.- cornice detail


konsoll plate

1.- For the bottom plate, I used a pre cut wood plank app. 20 cm wide. This is actually where it all started, I drew measurements of the legs on the corners of this piece, and cut notches for the legs at the corners. Then I used this as my template to continue, the distance between the legs at the narrow ends is 12,2 cm! 😀 You have to be a good mathematician aswell.. not that I am!
2.- You see how the legs fit then?
3.- Lift the bottom where you want it and nail it together.


konsoll toppplate

1.- For the top, I used three planks of 10 cm width.
2.- Glued them together
3.- Sanded it down to give the surface a smooth and shiny structure. I used an electric sander.
4./5.- I used an oil-based stainer to give it a worn and warm look.
6. – The color I used
7.- Isn’t it beautiful?

I know, this is is getting long and tiring, so I’ll be back with the rest soon to show how my new table is making my place look even better ❤ Hope you will read it 🙂


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