Console table part 2

After building the structure and the table top, I painted and stained the pieces before nailing them together. Legs/bottom went white; One layer of white primer and one layer of white paint. Originally, I planned two coats of white paint but that turned out to be unnecessary.


Use long strokes and take a small amount of paint until you get the desired coverage. Also, a good sanding job requires less paint and gives a more smooth end result. I chose a interior paint with a semi-matt finish so all the small imperfections that are inevitable, don’t show too much.


The top was stained in a color called “driftwood” ❤


 Let dry overnight. To stick the two pieces together, a nail gun was used. You may use glue, or any other technique. I prefer consealed nails/screws, and the nail gun uses small, almost invisible nails. Can you see the nails?

IMG_8976As you can see, I got some scratches from my sander which shows well when you stain. Therefore, be sure to use the sander in direction with the structure of the wood!


What do you think of the end result?


I will not say this was easy, or time efficient! When it comes to economy, including stain/paint/tools (if you do not already have it) it does not exactly beat the price of any store-bought table. But, the therapeutic effect of DIY must not be underrated, and now that I have tried (and failed along the process), I know I can embark on more complex projects. I am actually already planning my next! Besides, I know I would never have found something that could fit besides our stairs like this one does, exactly! Our hallway is not of the widest and we didn’t want it deeper than app. 10″, which this one is. Hope you like it, and do post if you ever make an attempt. You’ll never know what you are capable of if you never try. I made it, and this is the first time in years I’ve touched wood, so of course you can too 🙂



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