Writing 101 – first challenge!!

Ok, so I’ve signed up for this challenge going on, about becoming a better writer. I actually signed up for both challenges (blogging/writing), but seeing that I would not have time for both assignments, I am sticking to the writing. Because I need to improve mine. So every day we get a new challenge, posted by The daily post, which I will try my best to follow. I think this is so much fun and exciting! And you can connect and get feedback from other bloggers doing the same.

So, this first challenge is about freewriting, just writing off, litterally. Which I never ever do.. I never publish a post without like at least 5 revisions! This once, I promised myself to follow what the assignment says, “just click new post and write away!” ugh.. Not comfortable! Just writing for 20 mins requires a free mind, free to focus on the topic you are writing about, not about the writing itself, and I wish I was more free! I know I usually am not, I can spend HOURS perfecting a post, but I don’t know if it has any effect, does it? So tips on getting there will be much appreciated, hopefully this challenge will eventually get me closer to the writer I am inside!! haha.. I don’t even know if somebody is going to stick around long enough to read this 😀


12 thoughts on “Writing 101 – first challenge!!

  1. Not bad. I agree. Steam of Conscious without actually being able to go back and tweak the writing is a toughy. I know I wanted to go back, especially after I hit publish and read what I wrote. I found an error or two. But I was like annnh forget it. It’s stream of conscious. I look forward to seeing your writing grow and you finding the writer within.


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