Writing 101 day 2: room with a view

Lillehammer, Norway, offers some of the best views ever

Lillehammer, Norway, offers some of the best views ever

Todays twist is to think of a place we’d like to be, and imagine us being there, and how it affects us, ” a room with a view”. We have to decribe it in the post. So, to be honest, there is not much other place I can think of better than my cozy sofa, right now 😀 Anyway, I immediately tought of a column I read in the newspaper today. It was about the absence of war in my country right now; our good fortune to be as far from any kind of conflict disrupting our everyday lives in a significant way. There is no hunger, no food crisis, no violent riots going on here, no bombs that you hear. No broken sewage and sanitation systems so that you can not even use your own toilet. No escape under several degrees of heat. And all this stuff you can imagine, or happily can not imagine when you live in a place of peace.  All this … thank God I’m nowhere else right now! Unfortunately the article was in the paper-newspaper (yes I read that sometimes too) which made it impossible for me to instantly share/like/spread it, because it was so well written! Most of you bloggers out there probably are in a equally good space/situation right now, otherwise, things totally different than blogging would be on your minds and you would most probably not be reading this.

Ok, this was not exactly the intention of the challenge, however, I’d love to read about your “view”! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Writing 101 day 2: room with a view

  1. I read your piece all the way to the end. I’m new to blogging. I’ve wanted to since a long time but have only just started. I’d read a lot about writing and becoming a good writer though and one thing I realised is that you have to open up to bring out the best in you. I do think these free writing assignments will help with this 🙂

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