Writing 101 day 3

Todays challenge is about celebrating three songs that are significant to me, and then to write for fifteen minutes without stopping — thereby building a writing habit. Three songs.. what is it with such questions that you suddenly forget all the songs you’ve heard lately? Anyways, the first one that pops into mind without any thinking or censoring, as we are instructed to, is the Norwegian version of “ba ba black sheep”! Lol.. not exactly club rythms over here, right? The thing is, my 2 yr old is potty training. Thus, to keep a little, absent-minded mind focused, you need to occupy or distract them with something interesting, which this tune is for him nowadays. Don’t know for how long it’ll last though.. He sings it to me while sitting on the potty while I help him remember the words <3<3<3

Writing this, twelve mins have passed, and it really is hard for me to think of two more. I know they’ll come up the instant I put my mac down! These challenges are kind of mentally exhausting, I think…don’t you guys? Free writing is obviously not my thing :-/



7 thoughts on “Writing 101 day 3

  1. Well, I’m pretty impressed at your writing with English being your second language. You know us Americans. We aren’t known for learning other languages well enough to actually use them effectively, so I am always impressed by those who can not only speak and understand a second language but write in it as well!


  2. Goodness, I think your English is VERY good! Much much better than my ____________ (fill in the blank with ANY language since I only speak English!)
    I look forward to reading more from you and good luck with the potty training – eventually they/we all learn it, right!


  3. That was a cute song and a good idea to potty train kids. I think you were in the right direction. I am imaging his face (LOL) while singing trying to remember the words while at the same time waiting for those ….. words from you and something else.

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  4. Maybe we writers hold ourselves back when we look at clocks. If we were meant to be mathematicians we’d be crunching numbers, yeah? I have those days when I can’t fathom how on earth I will write one word. I’ve had so many of those days that they’ve strung together into decades. But my mentors have been write when they’ve said there’s no such thing as writers’ block. It’s all my own stubbornness. I had to learn to let go and not edit every word or let all the existential nonsense, other people’s opinions and all that, cloud my view. Just let go and go, go, go…there’s no stopping me. 😉

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