Cauliflower power!

Cauliflower is obviously the shit nowadays. It has become very popular for replacing rice and other carb-loaded foods and thereby increasing options for those avoiding a diet with excessive carbs. Besides as boiled side veggie, I’ve only occasionally used it as a kind of substitute for mashed potatoes. With butter and good seasoning it does not differ much from the original carbo bomb. Perhaps more flavourful. Boiled cauliflower contains about 2-3% and 1-2% carbs with protein and almost zero fat, so it will not cause large fluctuations in blood sugar; a clear and good choice for diabetics etc. Just yesterday I tried to replace half of the pasta with cauliflower in my pasta gratin with cheese sauce (mmm ..!).

I cooked cauliflower lightly, chopped it up in smaller chunks and used some good seasoning (salt, pink pepper, onion powder). Then, I poured over the bolognese sauce and cheese sauce and gratinated in the oven until goldenbrown.


The taste was convincingly better than traditional pasta. The nutty flavor and juicy consistency of the veggie adds a sweetnes to the dish which I found better than my original version with pasta. I definetly recommend this combo.


I used a ready-made pasta sauce with added mince meat. My cheese sauce is basically cheese (any firm type you like) melted over very low heat, stirred with some cream. This went so well I’d say you can replace any pasta dish with cauliflower. I can imagine it in a creamy combination with chicken/fish and mushrooms :-d.



8 thoughts on “Cauliflower power!

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