Writing 101 day 6: the character of a boss

I’m going to write about a boss, my boss. You won’t know who, though. This character analyzation challenge seemed so interesting when I first read about it, and then totally forgot as I could not think of anyone to actually “analyze”. Suddenly, the idea caught up with me just like a light buld lights you up. A very interesting person is someone who has intrigued me from the very start when I met her. I’ve been uncertain whether to write about her or not. But since it’s anonymous, I think it’s alright.

During life, most of us have several jobs and therefore a certain number of bosses to deal with as well. Not all of them do a good job in balancing the managing part and maintaining a comfortable relationship with all employees whilst working towards a common goal. I do know that leadership generally is about leading a group/individuals towards a common goal. I have had a leader that I believe did this in an extremely good way, and I’m going to elaborate her leadership traits further, since a character analysis is the task of this post. Thorough my studies, I have read a lot of theory about leadership styles, practices and traits/skills. I also had a small head job myself, and have managed to end up with some proven opinions on the topic myself. What is quality leadership to me and what kind of behavior do I expect from one?

First, this leader has this contagious commitment to the work she is in charge of. Whether it may seem weird for outsiders, she has an energy that spills over to you so you can do a better job than without. You can not excape if you planned to. Some leaders do not need to be at the forefront of the profession if they manage to motivate those who do have it to use it to achieve common goals set for the organization. She is that kind of leader. A good, actually excellent leadership trait, I’d say, would be to be able to (positively) control others to do work, to reach a goal they otherwise wouldn’t have done without the proper motivation.

Sencond, she is not afraid to share of herself. This manager offers herself, sharing appropriately from own personal life and thereby inviting colleagues to open up, to feel safe and to create a warm atmosphere around the workplace. A homely feeling. There are not details from private life, only small sprinkling of own personal stories other people can relate to and so will provide a basis for further joint collaboration. There are leaders who never share of themselves or any private details to maintain their professionalism and authority, and I’ve experinced that too. I personally believe that this can be done in a sober and sofisticated way, which she masters very well.

When I mention all this, she may sound like a crazy lady. Arenn’t those typical woman leader traits? But another thing she handles well, is to be adequately precise and clear in the objectives and to demand result; “today we are going to accomplish this, and not like that and neither like that”. Imagine starting your day with your boss telling you exactly what she wants from you, and still giving you the freedom to approach the task on your own premises. A leader ultimately needs results to be able to carry on the organization and there is no clearer way of obtaining that than by direct demand. It is hard to explain how this is done, It just is. All these features combined with the know-howthe extensive experience and network she hasmakes her a strong and credible leader, and to achieve this I know that it ultimately takes many years of hard work. Cheers for hard work, no matter what the goal isa clean and tidy home or 200increase in profits

Do tell me if you ever had/have a boss you were/are exeptionally happy with?


2 thoughts on “Writing 101 day 6: the character of a boss

  1. This was very good!!! I really like the line, “My leader has this contagious commitment”!! I can easily picture her personality but her, physically. It seems you wanted to keep the post anonymous so I understand why her physical characteristics were omitted but having them included would have helped make it better. Just a suggestion.
    Good job!


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