Writing 101 day 9: a sparrows point of view


When I read this assignment, I immediately tought of a story I read as a little girl. Back then, I was too young to understand any point in it, but sometimes it comes to me in small flashbacks and I understand more and more of it – I think. Or no, I still don’t remeber it all. It was part of my mothers ambition to have a booksmart daughter so she taught me to read very early. I read and read, but unfortunately due to the lack of variety during the learning process, it was more of a robotic task; I obviously did not understand much. I’m going to write that story instead of the couple breaking up…

The story was a description of a scene somewhere, ok just let us say a park, although it is highly doubtful. It involves three; a hunter, an eagle and a sparrow. These three are placed at different spots but still seeing each other. The hunter and the eagle both have their eyes on the sparrow, and we get a detailed description of what they see and what they intend to do. A sparrow has just sat down on a branch and hears the hunter pulling his gun. She thinks of flying away, but as soon as that, she spots an eagle. Now she is in a serious and deadly dilemma. If she continues to sit on the tree, the hunter will shoot her. If she flies, the big sharp claws of the eagle will take hold of her. So what does she do? She needs to act fast. On the other side, the hunter is getting his gun ready, aiming to take her down. The eagle is circulating above them both, he has a sharp eye on the sparrow, never losing sight. This description seems very short now that i am writing it down. But when you are 7 yrs old, reading this on two pages in a reading book for 10 yr olds, seemed as if it would never end!

Terrifed by hearing the clicking of the hunters gun, the sparrow automatically lifts off, knowing it can cause her death either way, she sees no other choice. The eagle has been waiting for this, he swoops at her rapidly. Suddenly the hunter, startled by the big shadow of the eagle, aims the gun in his direction, but he misses his shot. The eagle hears this and is now determined to take down his new enemy, which he plans to put out of action by fixing his giant claws hardly in his chest. In the meanwhile, the hunter has recharged his gun – aimed – now fires, and he does not miss him this time. The sparrow darts off and looks down on her two big dead enemies lying on the ground while she thinks of this outcome as she had not imagined.

Not very child friendly I know, it probably had some social-political meaning back then, but maybe you can help me decipher it? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Writing 101 day 9: a sparrows point of view

  1. …so the hunter dies too? Wow, that is intense reading for a child! I am not sure what this story was meant to symbolize but it makes me think of this verse from the Bible. Jesus was teaching and said, “Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.” (Matthew 10:29) The point is that sparrows are everywhere and, to the world, have little to no value but God pays attention to each and every one of them.

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