black bodycon

If I could choose one item from my wardrobe that has been with me thru thick and thin and makes me look fresh even on day 3 without hair wash (yes it happens!) that would be my black body con dresses. A dress like that works for both everyday and formal, depending on the accessories. A formal but still a slightly mysterious and seductive color that does not emphasize much of anything and will never, ever be outdated. Yep, black bodycon in all varieties, has won my loyalty. Except for maybe ultra hot summer days, but then there are not many of them in this country. ..or because of global climate changes, there are some anyway .. 8-/

However, I prefer them with sleeves and not too tight (but I believe that is mostly the purpose of bodycon?). Now looking for my next sample, wohoo!


1- Andrea & Renato, 2- ASOS Chain Neck And Cuff Bodycon, 3- Vila ROB knitted dress, 4- H&M, 5- Bag, mulberry, 6- MARC JACOBS Leather Tall Boots

And no, I can’t afford any of that, otherwise I’d be running down shops instead of blogging about it…


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