Who am I?

I’m Faiza and this is my blog. I’ve been here for a few months now, but actually thought of blogging several years back. Why I began, I’m not quite sure, but probably was a little insecure. With age lost the inhibitions and such, this too. I have a master’s degree in health management and a bachelor’s degree in child psychology. Very different from what I am going to write about here, but so is the this my blog just to get creative outlet for all … yes creative ideas! Sometimes I feel like I have so many ideas to get dialed down, but when I sit down, lost all creativity. Whatever clever ideas to jot my thoughts there and then I come of (tape recorder for example) it never actually works in length. Wonder if it is lost forever? Whatever!

And that was maybe a little bit about why I’m here. I have always seen myself as a creative person, and do a lot other than my work, and thus this need for crative expiration started. The reason why you see a lot of recipes is not because I am a food guru, but simply because I find it much easier to blog about something you absolutely must have every day. And food is something which I of course have to make and eat every day. My particular style is to perform tricks as possible with fish dishes, because in a busy life it is my fast-food, and fusion cooking, norwegian/indo-pak style!

Otherwise I’m quite interested in politics, but since it is not the most creative topic (I know it could be!) in the world, so will not be taking an awful lot of space here, thankfully, but I may still have a need for an occasional exhaust 🙂

As the majority of women the world over, I am of course a big fan of fashion and such, but do not follow trends more beyond that it must be practical (and pretty) in my busy schedule. The reason why I blog officially is a bit for future social/collaborative purposes, it is much practical referring people to a website than to list page up and down about yourself or formulate orally. It is both easy to see and be “seen” by other bloggers with common interests once you are out, and many of you do a lot of good work with your blogs, believe me I know how much work you can put into one single post! Hope you find some of this interesting and will follow me on. Do tip me about other cool web loggers all along!


20 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a little while and it was lovely to find out why you started it 🙂 wish you luck with blogging! xx


  2. Hi Faiza… .Came across your blog on the writing challenge.. Loved your posts and the natural flow… Went through your various posts, great mix of subjects and look forward to reading more… Cheers.. Rajesh

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  3. Hi Faiza, I found your blog through asarpota and it certainly does not disappoint. I hear you on the creativity process and having so many ideas but when sitting down to make them a reality – well, it seems I hear crickets. I have a mini recorder but for some reason cannot get into the habit of using it on a regular basis. My cell phone works very well for those spur of the moment ideas where I can send a “note to self” then the ideas are waiting for me on email when I can get to my computer. Great blog!! 🙂

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  4. Hi there, Can you explain how you got the “Related” section to show under your post? I can’t find a widget for that or the ability to add plug-ins. Thanks!


    • Hello, I think it comes with my theme, as i tried to find the correct settings fro it. Otherwise you might try to ask WP support? btw, I tried to visit your blog, but it was private 🙂


      • Ah, yes my public blog is smugh.com – for some reason my WordPress doesn’t link directly there. I’m still working all of this out. Thank you!


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