Keep it light

As every year, the fall season lean towards darker colors, with especially the addition of oxblood and navy this year. Another trend is also bright, soft colors and pastels. Although the colors are bright, thick and woolly garments still bring a sense of warmth. When the days here in the north are gettinng shorter and the nights longer, and we’re still waiting for the snow to brighten it all up, this is a trend I’ll hold on to:


keep it light

1- French Connection, 2- River Island, 3- Selected Femme, 4- Marcia Beige Quilted Boots, 5, Dune, 6- A.P.C. cashmere scarf, 7-Breckelles Beige Boots

…dreaming on actually, with a toddler in kindergarten and still a lack of snow (but not rain!), I unfortunately have to avoid such bright colors in everyday life. Except for those clear and rare sunny days ❤


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