Winter comfort, Lillyhammer!

The winter is supposed to be in full swing. It’s cold and gray and rainy. The leaves that had so nice colors when dropped, has long withered and turned into soil. It’s hard to imagine something funny about exactly this, except if it was snow. White, luscious, flyffy snow! Last year’s winter in this country was quite depressing with perhaps at the top 3 to 4 weeks of snow (if it really was that much). That scenario will probably repeat itself this year, as the weather forecasters have predicted.

I have at least thought myself to be a place with enough snow to gorge myself with so I do not miss it through next year too. We imagine a little north, but not so terribly far north. The city is called Lillehammer and for most of the world this is known as a place Winter Olympics took place in 94. For me, this was our first home as a married couple and it will be interesting to go there for a little vacation and relaxation with family and our son, actually born there. I can’t waaaait, lol! 😀



Cabins from Lillehammer


Boots; unknown, scarf/socks; Cubus, pajama; VS, cardi’s; Odd Molly




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