Exotic saithe soup

When I was a child, instant fish soup was a special treat for me. Getting older and more conscious of quality and taste, I wanted something else than the salty mixture of corn starch and dried vegetable flakes … I have since tried and tested many fish soups over the years. This kind of soup is best when it is slightly creamy and thick, and therefore most soups need a thickening agent. But that eventually destroys the consistency, also giving it poor durability if you plan to save some for later. This soup, inspired by here, contains only ingredients that contribute to its delicious flavor and naturally gives a smooth consistency, without the need of starchs. It’s really easy to make, and ready in less than 20 min!

You will need:
400 gms saithe fillets without skin and bones
4-5 leaves chinese cabbage
3 pcs scallions
1 can coconut milk
chopped canned tomatoes, 1 can
1 dl. cream (optional)
2 dices of fish or vegetable stock
half tbs chili paste
1 tbs soy sauce
salt/pepper to taste



You follow these super simple instructions: Cut saithe fillets into small cubes, the chinese cabbage into thin strips and spring onions into small pieces. In a saucepan, combine coconut milk, cream, canned tomatoes, stock cubes, chili paste and soy sauce, and bring to boil. I crushed my stock cubes so they would easily dissolve. When this has been boiling for a few minutes and mixed up, add the scallion and the chinese cabbage. Let this boil for a couple minutes. Now, turn the heat off and put the fish cubes in the soup. Do not stir too much after adding the fish, otherwise it will dissolve and your soup will become muddy! Let it all simmer for a few minutes before serving. Add salt/pepper to taste, and you are good to go 😉


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