Staying in and counting down!

The weather you see out here now, is not much to brag about. It’s been like that for several days now. Even if the sun would come out, it is for such a short time. I think we all have been sensing our dropping serotonin levels for quite a bit. Of course, I am not too sad about leaving in a few days, we’ll probably be getting enough sun and all.


from this to.. this? yes, please!


This is in celsius…

Such difference in temperatures requires rethinking in terms of wardrobe! Now, I’m mostly in thick coats and scarves etc .. and inspiration for a lighter, summer wardrobe is not easy to find. Winter glamor is all well and good, but it will be really nice to get to a part of the globe far away from this as well. We have, after all, at least four to five months of it left… 😀



what do you say?

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