More Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Other than partying and luxury experiences, there is much to see around Dubai, depending on your interests. It can also be a good break for your wallet;)
We used one of our days to take a half day trip to Abu Dhabi. There, we visited the grand mosque of Sheikh Zayed, which can accommodate up to 40,000 worshipers. The mosque is huge and white so it can be nice to have sunglasses, as in it’s brigthness you can hardly open your eyes on a sunny day! Also, remember to bring something to cover your head before entering the mosque area. There are restrooms to the right of the main entrance for women, and left for men. Now it would certainly have been a greater experience to go there on a Friday, to witness the Friday prayers and to see the real scope of the mosque. Since we have small children, we chose another day to avoid the big crowds. Though there was still a good number of tourists. It looked as if the large area was open to public, while the prayers were going on in other smaller wings, separately for men and women of course.


From top-left: Indoor skiing at Emirates mall, aquarium and fountain show, both at Dubai mall. Bottom: the Sheikh Zayed grand mosque

We paid app. 600 AED’s by taxi for a round trip from Deira, Dubai to the mosque, it took about one hour each way.


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